Welcome, friends!

Did you ever wonder with whom you shared a connection to Northview?  Or, maybe where your best friend from 5th grade lives?  Northview's alumni is large for a small private school and past students live all over the world!  With over 70 years of Christian eduction, your school has nurtured many young minds, preparing them for life beyond the first few years of learning.

Get Connected
We are here to provide you with a way to remain connected to your alma mater and with one another. We look forward to welcoming you back to campus soon or seeing you online. Find us on Facebook! Visit our Northview Alumni page to see familiar friends and be informed about upcoming alumni events.

Alumni News
If you have something you would like to contribute to this page, such as story from your days at Northview, or how Northview's educators encouraged you, please consider writing an article for our alumni page.  Send any articles, notes, or anecdotes to judy.schulze@hotmail.com.  Sharing our successes with each other and the community gives Northview a chance to shine as it should.