Northview offers high school classes online through Sycamore Academy. We provide the facility; high school students connect with teachers around the country through this excellent, Texas-based program.

Families apply at both Northview and Sycamore Academy. For new students, recommendation forms and application must be filled out for Northview admission, while Sycamore enrollment policies and information may be found at the link below.

"Students do their work on the computer each day. All grading and tracking will be done by our teachers. Just think--no lesson plans, no grading, no hassle! [...] Your students will be using the award-winning Switched-On-Schoolhouse curriculum. Teachers grade your student's work and respond with personalized academic assistance. All our teachers have either a Master's Degree or a credential in the subject they are teaching.  We offer official transcripts and a high school diploma through our online school." (http://www.sycamoreacademy.com/online_school.html).

For more details, please contact Northview and/or click on the link below.

Sycamore Academy